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Transceivers of the future

The Graphene integrate photonics (GIP) provides superior performances to enable next-gen electro-optical cores for the transceivers of the future.

Thanks to its unique physical properties, graphene acts as active material to absorb, transmit, and change the phase of the light.

Reticular graphene

Graphene photonics

Breakthrough performance thanks to graphene

Graphene is compatible with many photonic materials, such as Silicon and Silicon Nitride, and can be synthetised and integrated through scalable wafer-level processes.

Our platform provides breakthrough performance: high bandwidth density, low-cost, low power consumption, high traffic capacity, temperature resilience.

Our products

Electro Absorption Modulators, Photodetectors, and Phase Modulators

The platform includes Electro Absorption Modulators (EAMs), Photodetectors (PDs), and Phase Modulators.

Integrability and flexibility are two key aspects of the platform; main characteristics of our electro-optical cores are:

  • 100+Gb/s NRZ per optical channel (EAM and PD)
  • Single-chip multi-channel flexible configurations (e.g. 1Tb/s capacity)
  • Integrated and dedicated driving electronics
  • Uncooled operation (>100°C)

Electro Absorption Modulators
Graphene chip


Ultra-fast short-reach optical links at lower cost

The GIP platform satisfies the industry needs of ultra-fast short-reach optical links at lower cost. Application spaces are:

  • 5G and 6G intra-antenna optical connectivity
  • Next-gen electro-optical engines for intra-datacenter transceiver (pluggables, on-board optics, and co-package optics architectures)
  • CPUs optical connectivity for AI applications
  • Sub-THz antenna elements for 6G
  • Quantum

Is your organisation interested to revolutionise optical communications and data traffic through graphene technologies?