Integration services

We provide interconnections between the PICs and the external world

The Advanced Packaging area provides integration services to interconnect PICs to the external world:

  • Input/output optical coupling
  • Low-speed and high speed electrical interconnections
  • Thermal management
  • Hermetic packaging
R&D and fast prototyping

fabrication services

We help our customers during all development phases

We provide fabrication services to help our customers during all development phases, from R&D to pre-production. We serve customers operating in several application fields: optical communications, quantum communications, space applications, and advanced sensors. Our capabilities include:

  • Optical assembly (fibre pig tailing, micro-optics assembly)
  • Chip assembly and Wiring (sub-micron flip-chip, die attach, wire bonding)
  • Hermetic and non-hermetic packaging
  • On-board fast prototyping

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